Ingénierie transformationnelle des données


The PhD course on “Transformational Data Engineering” organized within the GRASCOMP doctoral school will start on Wednesday Feb. 7th. Any PhD student that is interested can freely attend this course with our permission.

The goal of the course is to introduce the student to the transformational paradigm in data engineering. The main engineering processes are revisited as high-level transformational operators, that is, processes that produces output artefacts from input artefacts through formal and (in most cases) deterministic meta-rules. A proof system is built, that allows us to demonstrate some preservation properties and to generate transformations. The course comprises four sections:

  • Relational theory (recall)
  • Practical approach to transformational engineering
  • Formal approach to transformational engineering
  • Project

The student will be asked to explore a specific theme and to present his/her result in a report. This course will be given in French, but all the documents are in English, except for the first chapter.


Every Wednesday 2:00 p.m., local I1, first floor of the Institut d’Informatique, FUNDP. First session Feb. 7th.

More information

The description of the course as well as the main documents are available on the GRASCOMP website, from which you can visit the iCampus course website where you should register to the course. (You will first need to register yourself to the iCampus site, after which you will need to select the appropriate course and register to that.)


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