Advanced Topics in Software Evolution

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We are organising a PhD course on “Advanced Topics in Software Evolution” in the context of the Wallonian GRASCOMP summer school. However, any PhD student that is interested can freely attend this course with our permission.

This course will be organised as a seminar and will be given in English. You will gain a better understanding of what software evolution is, why it is inevitable, and how one might reasonably and reliably go about performing it. Some important topics that may be treated during the seminar are:

  • technical and managerial aspects of software maintenance and evolution
  • tools, techniques, principles, best practices, formal foundations, case studies for software evolution

During the seminar, a number of open problems in the research domain of software evolution will be discussed, and solutions to some of these problems will be proposed. The seminar is not conceived as an introductory course on software evolution, but rather tries to shed light on some of the ongoing research issues in this important and fascinating research area.


The two-day course itself will take place on 25 february 2008 in UMH (Belgium) AND 13 March in USTL (Lille, France)

More information

All information is available on the GRASCOMP website, from which you can visit the iCampus course website where you should register to the course. (You will first need to register yourself to the iCampus site, after which you will need to select the appropriate course and register to that.)


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