Journée thématique en génie logiciel


The goal of this course is to bring together all PhD students working in the domain of software engineering (in the large sense) and let them present their own ongoing work to other researchers in this domain. Apart from getting direct feedback on their research, a more important implicit goal of this course is to bring different researchers in the same domain in contact with one another. Therefore, in my opinion, it would be particularly useful to open up this course to more than only the Wallonian PhD students.


This contact day will take place on May 21, 2007 from 10h to 17h (estimated time, depends on number of participants) at UCL in auditorium BARB04. In case more students will participate, a larger room will be sought.

More Information

Here’s a short description of the course objectives (in French): “Cette journée thématique en génie logiciel permettra aux doctorants travaillant dans le domaine du génie logiciel (au sens large) de parfaire leur formation en présentant leurs résultats de recherche a d’autres doctorants et professeurs dans leur domaine. L’objectif principal de cette journée est de permettre aux doctorants de s’entrainer à présenter leurs résultats et également de voir les travaux des autres doctorants de leur domaine.”

If there are interested researchers from Flanders or abroad, we may organise the contact day in English, even though it was originally announced as a French “course”.


To register for this course, and to find more information about it, the GRASCOMP website is the one and only reliable source of information. Via this site you can also reach the iCampus course website where you should register to the course. (You will first need to register yourself to the iCampus site, after which you will need to select the appropriate course and register to that.)


Kim Mens (UCL)

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