WP2 Tool Demonstration session

  • Date: Wednesday, February 27th, 2008 from 14.00-17.00
  • Location: Universiteit Antwerpen, Campus Middelheim , building G, room G.005
  • Contact person: Bart Du Bois

How to get there

Campus Middelheim is located in Middelheimlaan 1, 2020 Antwerp. The entrance of building G is located in Floraliƫnlaan. There is a parking right in front of the G building, which can be recognized as the most modern building on the campus. This building is right beside the Middelheim hospital.

Travelling directions and maps are provided at this page in Dutch. You can use Google maps to find your way to building G.


  • UA
    • Serge Demeyer
    • Bart Du Bois
    • Hans Schippers (DelAOP VM)
    • Jan Vlegels
    • Pieter Van Gorp (MoTMoT tool)
    • Vincent Englebert
    • Nicolas Genon
    • Raimundas Matulevicius
  • KUL
    • Bert Vanhooff (Unity)
    • Stefan Van Baelen
  • VUB
    • Dirk Deridder (Cobro) – excused


The WP2 partners indicated their interest in several research tools. To prepare for future collaborations, this tool demonstration session provides researchers with an opportunity to present their tool in general, and to indicate how the tool might be used by other partners. This session therefore aims to get partners excited about your research, and therefore constitutes yet another opportunity to be creative and excel.


  • Understanding of the contribution of each research tool.
  • Evaluation of the relevance of the research tools for each partner.
  • Identification of the need to collaborate in order to customize the application of a tool for your research


We have three hours available for presentations. Accordingly, we will limit each presentation to 25 minutes, with an additional 5 minutes for clarification questions.

Note: :-) means that a presenter has confirmed his commitment

  • Welcome and introduction
    • Objectives
  • MetaDone (FUNDP – Vincent Englebert :-) )
    • Visualize models from Padus (of interest for VUB)
    • A PhD student at the KUL is working on architectural refinement using MetaDON
  • DelAOP VM (UA – Hans Schippers) :-)
    • Implement workflow model (of interest for VUB)
    • Composing AO models (of interest for KUL)
  • Cobro (VUB - Dirk Deridder) :-( (excused due to illness)
    • Implementation technique for a MetaCASE tool (of interest for FUNDP)
  • UniTI (KUL – Bert Vanhooff) :-)
    • How to manage traceability (of interest for KUL, UA and FUNDP)
    • How to manage traceability (of interest for KUL, UA and FUNDP)
  • Conclusions, next steps, next meetings
  • Any other business
  • Closing


Please send the slides of your tool demonstration by email to me at least one working day before the meeting, so that I can prepare printouts.

Append one or two slides indicating how you envision that other partners can use your tool.


Tool Presentations

The tools MetaDone [FundP], DelAOP [UA], UniTi [KUL] and MotMot [UA] were presented. The Cobro [VUB] demo was postponed due to an illness of Dirk De Ridder.


Potential areas for future cooperation based on the presented tool demonstrations were identified. In the following

  • + stands for an area where potential collaboration is possible in the long term (2 years from here);
  • ++ stands for an area where collaboration is

probable in the mid term (1 year from here);

  • +++ is an area where collaboration is likely to lead to results in the short term (current year).

We did not identify any +++ areas in WP2. If this is true for the other packages as well, then we run the risk that we will not have any joint publications halfway in the project.

Next Steps

  • MetaDone:
    • ++ [VUB]: Visualize models from PADUS. A meeting will be held between VUB and FUNDP in April, to identify whether (a) any cooperation is possible, (b) how both partners would benefit from it, © how this cooperation should continue.
  • DelAOP:
    • + [VUB]: Implement workflow model. Hans will obtain more information over e-mail within the next two weeks. Based on that information will decide whether any follow up action is necessary.
  • + [KUL]: There is a potential application of a tool chain, in the sense that KUL would compose models on to of AspectJ, which may then be run on the Virtual Machine DelAOP. Cooperation only when the opportunity calls for it. Stefan will pass the information on to Aram, the PhD student working on the composition of aspects.
  • UniTi: see MoTMoT.
  • MoTMoT:
    • ++ [KUL]: The wizards used in UniTi are currently implemented ad hoc. It would be better to specify them using models. Pieter and Stefan will exchange two recent workshop papers on that topic. After May we should find one week for two students to sit together and do some tooling; this might result in a nice paper.
    • ++ [KUL]: A MoTMoT plugin for UniTi can be built, provided that either UniTi will also support JMI/MOF (instead of EMF only), or MoTMoT will also support EMF (instead of JMI/MOF). UA is actively looking for undergrad students who can do this in the context of a programming assignment. KUL will investigate the integration of UniTi with ModelBus. Action is postponed until end of May (Bert is abroad)

Next Meeting

End of April we will hold another meeting in Brussels. On the agenda

  • COBRO demo (postponed from this meeting)
  • Follow up on the cooperation between MetaDone and PADUS
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