WP2 Tool Demonstration session, 2nd edition

  • Date: Wednesday, May 7th, between 10h and 12h30.
  • Location: Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Programming Technology Lab, Building F, 10th floor (10F720)
  • Contact person: Bart Du Bois

How to get there

The Prog lab is located on the tenth floor of building F on the VUB campus Etterbeek in Brussels, Belgium. The main VUB site offers directions for getting to the VUB. We also provide a guide with pictures for reaching Prog. If you come by car then please print this barcode for campus access.


  • UA
    • Bart Du Bois
    • Serge Demeyer
    • Nicolas Genon
  • KUL
    • Stefan Van Baelen
  • VUB
    • Dirk Deridder
    • Mathieu Braem


Not all research tools have been demonstrated in the previous demonstration session. Additionally, some collaborations have been started, and need to be followed-up. This session therefore aims to trigger new collaborations involving existing tools/techniques/methods, and to report the status of collaborations.


  • Understanding of the contribution of each research tool.
  • Evaluation of the relevance of the research tools for each partner.
  • Identification of the need to collaborate in order to customize the application of a tool for your research
  • Status report on recent collaborations


Similarly as last time, we reserve 25 minutes for a demonstration, with an additional 5 minutes for clarification questions.

Note: :-) means that a presenter has confirmed his commitment

  • Welcome and introduction
    • Objectives
  • Cobro - First Class Flexibility and Documentation in Smalltalk (VUB - Dirk Deridder - presentation)
  • Collaborations report
    • Cooperation between MetaDone and PADUS
    • Cooperation between VUB and UA on implementing a workflow model (resulting from the DelAOP presentation)
    • Cooperation between KUL and UA on implementing a workflow model (resulting from the DelAOP presentation)
    • Planning between KUL and UA for two students to specify wizards in UniTi using models (resulting from the MotMot presentation)
  • Conclusions, next steps, next meetings
  • Any other business
  • Closing


Please send the slides of your tool demonstration/presentation by email to me at least one working day before the meeting, so that I can prepare printouts.

Append one or two slides indicating how you envision that other partners can use your tool.


The meeting started with a presentation of CoBro, termed CoBro, First Class Flexibility and Documentation in Smalltalk by Dirk Deridder from the VUB.

This presentation confirmed the presumed link between CoBro and MetaDone, namely that boty address consistency checking at the meta layer. Thus, there is a potential collaboration with Nicolas Genon.

Additionally, together with FUNDP, Dirk hopes to be able to build an extension for Java.

A follow-up on the action points of the last meeting resulted in the following:

  • Cooperation between MetaDone and PADUS: the goal was to create a modeling tool for BPEL & Padus using MetaDone. A plan was created, and first steps were identified, starting at the beginning of June. The focus would first be on static aspects. The result of this cooperation would be a case study for MetaDone.
  • Cooperation between VUB and UA on implementing a workflow model: the goal of this initiative was to implement a workflow engine with explicit support for aspects. This requires results from current research regarding workflow patterns, which are envisioned to be reseach by the end of 2008. Thus, the prerequisites of this cooperation initiative are not satisfied.
  • Planning between KUL and UA for two students to specify wizards in UniTi using models: delayed until the beginning of June (Pieter and Bert).
  • Cooperation between KUL and UA: the idea would be to compare the traceability approaches between UniTi and Motmot. This is also delayed until the beginning of June.

Some new action points have been identified:

  1. Dirk would go to Namur to collaborate with Nicolas Genon.
  2. Andres from the VUB would contact Bert from the KUL on traceability.

A next meeting would be organized at the beginning of September. A poll needs to be pinpoint the exact date.

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