Research Roadmap

This project combines the leading Belgian research teams in software engineering, with recognised scientific excellence in model-driven engineering, software evolution, formal modelling and verification and aspect-oriented software development. The project aims to advance the state of the art in each of these domains. The long term objective of our network is to strengthen existing collaborations and forge new links between those teams, and to leverage and disseminate our research expertise in this domain at a European level.

The research activities of the MoVES network are clustered around three main axes.

  • In the Programming and modelling languages axis we define, extend and formalise programming and modelling languages that can be processed automatically to analyse certain properties or to reason about the evolution of programs and models expressed in those languages.
  • In the Model analysis axis we study a variety of techniques and tools to compose, abstract or refine models and programs written in those languages, to check their consistency and to verify their properties.
  • In the Model evolution axis we study techniques to incrementally repeat those analyses and transformations as models and programs evolve, to keep models that evolve independently consistent with one another, as well as techniques to restructure existing models while preserving their intended behaviour and other desired properties.

Within these axes the MoVES network supports seven workpackages that bring together researchers that have a common interest.

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