Fundamental Issues in Modelling, Verification and Evolution of Software
Belgian Science Policy MoVES (P6/39) is part of the IAP-Phase VI Interuniversity Attraction Poles Programme funded by the Belgian State, Belgian Science Policy.

The goal of MoVES is to establish and sustain a network of researchers that perform high-quality research in the context of Modelling, Verification and Evolution of Software.
For more information you can contact the network coordination team:
Prof. Dr. Theo D’Hondt, Dr. Carlos Noguera, Dr. Andy Kellens.
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MoVES The 2011 MoVES Most Promising Young Researcher Award was presented to Veronica Uquillas-Gomez during this year’s MoVES Annual Event. Congratulations to her and to the two other finalists Aram Hovsepyan and Nicolas Cardozo. Nicolas was also awarded with the Best Poster Award at the event.
MoVES The MoVES Yearly Event 2011 will be colocated will take place on the 7th of December 2011, and it will be colocated with the Belgium-Netherlands Software Evolution Seminar.
MoVES The 2010 MoVES Most Promising Young Researcher Award was awarded to Arnaud Hubaux. From a number of excellent candidates nominated by each of the partners, Arnaud was selected for his outstanding academic record and his dedication to the project, as evidenced by his numerous collaborations in the context of work packages , 3 and 4. Congratulations to him and all the other nominees.
MoVES MoVES Annual Event Poster Award Lode Hoste was awarded the Best Poster Award for his poster entitled Midas: a Declarative Language for Multi-touch Gesture Recognition. Second and third place went to Engineer Bainomugisha for Programming Context-Aware Applications with Continuations and Quinten Soetens for Change Oriented Programming. The posters can be downloaded below:
1) Midas: a Declarative Language for Multi-touch Gesture Recognition. Lode Hoste.
2) Programming ContextAware Applications with Continuations. Engineer Bainomugisha.
3) Change Oriented Programming. Quinten Soetens
MoVES MoVES Annual Event The 2010~2011 Yearly MoVES Event will take place on the 7th of February, 2011 in the University of Antwerp - campus Middelheim - building G Middelheimlaan 1, 2020 Antwerpen.
MoVES MoVES Newsletter The third edition of the MoVES News letter is out. As with previous versions, the newsletter highlights the results achieved by each of the workpackages throughout the project. In this issue, the spotlight falls on the Programming Langauges workpackage (WP1).
ASE 2010 logo ASE 2010, the 25th Anniversary Edition of the IEEE/ACM International Conference on Automated Software Engineering, will be held in Antwerp, Belgium, 20-24 September 2010. The ASE conference has become one of the world’s premier Software Engineering venues. The organization of ASE 2010 in Antwerp is an initiative of the MoVES consortium.
MoVES MoVES Newsletter The first edition of the MoVES News letter is out. The newsletter will highlight the results achieved by each of the workpackages throughout the project. This first edition is consecrated to Modelling Languages and Restructuring (WP2).
FUNDP is proud to host a series of lectures entitled Growing a Language from the Inside Out by Prof. Theo D’Hondt (VUB), titular of the Francqui Chair 2010.
MoVES Andreas Classen (FUNDP, Namur) received the 1st MoVES Most Promising Young Researcher Award 2009. He was selected amongst several candidates proposed to the MoVES steering committee for his outstanding work and active collaboration within the network. His award presentation during the MoVES 2009 networking event was entitled “Model Checking Lots of Systems: Efficient Verification of Temporal Properties in Software Product Lines” (joint work with Axel Legay (IRISA/INRIA Rennes) and Jean-François Raskin (ULB)).
MoVES Stefan Marr was awarded the best poster award during the MoVES 2009 networking event. Other nominees were Nicolas Genon (2nd place) and Christophe Scholliers (3rd place).
The posters are available for download:

1) Stefan Marr, Theo D’Hondt,
"Many-Core Virtual Machines - Decoupling Abstract from Concrete Concurrency"

2) Nicolas Genon, Patrick Heymans, Daniel Moody, "Improving the Cognitive Effectiveness of Business Process Modelling Languages"

3) Christophe Scholliers, Wolfgang De Meuter, "Coordination in Ambient Environments"
VaMoS 09 The 3rd International Workshop on Variability Modelling of Software-intensive Systems
VAMOS 09 is organized in cooperation with MoVES.
LATE'09 The 5th International Workshop on
Linking Aspect Technology and Evolution
LATE'09 is organized in cooperation with MoVES.
BENEVOL 2008 The 7th BElgian-NEtherlands software eVOLution workshop (BENEVOL 2008) will take place at TU/Eindhoven, and is organized in cooperation with MoVES.
WCRE 2008 WCRE 2008, the 15th Working Conference on Reverse Engineering will be organized in Antwerp in October 2008. WCRE is the premier research conference on the theory and practice of recovering information from existing software and systems.
The International Workshop on
Model Co-Evolution and Consistency Management
MCCM'08 is organized in cooperation with MoVES.
The International Workshop on
Challenges in Model Driven Software Engineering
ChaMDE'08 is organized in cooperation with MoVES.
SVPP'08 The Symposium on Software Variability from a Programmer’s Perspective
SVPP'08 is organised in cooperation with MoVES.
Invited speakers are:
Jim Coplien, Robert Hirschfeld, Karl Lieberherr, and Oscar Nierstrasz
AOSD2008 AOSD 2008, the Seventh International Conference on Aspect-Oriented Software Development is organised in Brussels this year. It is the premier conference on software modularity, with an emphasis on novel notions of modularity that crosscut traditional abstraction boundaries. The organisation is in cooperation with MoVES.
Software Evolution Book Book announcement: Software Evolution
This book, edited by Tom Mens (UMH) and Serge Demeyer (UA) will be published by Springer in early 2008 (ISBN 978-3-540-76439-7). It contains contributions from various members of the MoVES consortium.

The book focuses on novel trends in software evolution research and its relations with other emerging disciplines such as model-driven software engineering, service-oriented software development, and aspect-oriented software development.

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