Building Reusable Architectures for Self-adaptive systems

In the WP3 of the MoVES project, we are organising a research track focused on building reusable architectures for self-adaptive systems. Our intention is to share our experiences on this subject (or alike topics) and find a common ground in which we can collaborate.

The starting point for this work is the paper we wrote at the WP3 for the McGPLE’08 workshop, Modelling Variability in Self-Adaptive Systems: Towards a Research Agenda. This paper formulates a number of research questions that we believe are relevant for developing self-adaptive systems. Thus far, we have identified the following topics of interest:

  • Mapping design concepts to language abstractions in the context of dynamic software variability.
  • Modeling distributed context-dependent adaptations.
  • Mapping architectural concepts of self-adaptive systems to aspect- or context-oriented programming language abstractions

Please feel free to add more topics (or keywords) to this list.


Name Date and time Place Summary
1st meeting Wed 28/01/09, 10:00 VUB, 10F729 view
2nd meeting Fri 03/04/09, 10:00 UCL, Louvain view


These are the publications identified as relevant for this track so far.

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